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Hi-Hog offers a wide selection of cattle handling equipment and bison handling equipment. You will also find calving equipment to help you through your calving season. If you need help designing your handling system, we can assist you as well. Livestock pens, fencing, cattle chutes, gates and all sorts of typical farm supplies are available from Town & Country Feed & Supply.

  • Livestock Handling Equipment & Fencing
  • Animal Pens
  • Cattle Chutes
  • Paddocks
  • Portable Corrals
  • Livestock Handling Equipment
  • Animal Feeders
  • Baling Supplies
  • All Hi-Hog horse stalls are designed with safety, functionality, and durability in mind. All horse stall frames are built with heavy wall, high tensile steel tubing and finished with a beautiful hunter green powder coat paint finish. If you require assistance with your horse-barn design, we can assist you as well. Hi-Hog Equine Equipment and Horse Box Stalls
  • Hi-Hog Farm & Ranch Equipment is proud to offer a full range of outstanding rodeo equipment, from roping chutes and bucking chutes to sorting arrows and stripping chutes. Hi-Hog Rodeo Equipment

All Hi-Hog livestock panels, frame and gates, and overhead alley spreaders use a common connector system which allows you complete freedom to combine different weights without the need for adaptors. All panels and gates are built with 60 000 psi high tensile steel tubing; the highest in the industry. The higher the tensile strength of the tubing, the further you can distort the tubing before it loses its ability to return to its original shape. Hi-Hog Livestock Panels and Gates

Hi-Hog offers a wide range of round bale feeders, fenceline feeders, and two bale feeders to choose from. Additionally we manufacture the Nifty feed dispenser as well as bale handling equipment. They offer EcoRaster permeable pavers which can be used to keep feed and water areas clear of mud and reduce feed waste. Hi-Hog Livestock Feeders and Handling Equipment

Hi-Hog offers a variety of engineered cattle guard sizes and options. Our cattle guards come in full 96″ (8′-0″) road lengths and 16’, and 20’ road widths. The cattle guards are available with no sills, single sills, or double sills. All products are heavy duty and come with a dark green powder coat finish. Hi-Hog Cattle Guards and Texas Gates

We can also special order any supplies you may require that we don't carry in-stock. Call or email us for more details.

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