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Our preferred supplier, Terico, offers a full range of products to promote healthy, high yielding crops. Terico's experienced team of agronomists works with us to help review your cropping plans and to maximize your crops’ yield potential. From soil samples to tissue tests, Terico's agronomists can formulate a plan based on sound agronomic practices in order to maximize production and manage costs. Town & Country and Terico's team can assist in the recommendation of crop protection products and offer field scouting to ensure the correct product is used.

  • Terico 17-20-0 Fertilizer
  • Terico 19-18-19 Fertilizer
  • Terico 21-0-0 Fertilizer
  • Terico 34-0-0 Fertilizer
  • Terico 46-0-0 Fertilizer
  • Terico 8-38-16 Fertilizer

All fertilizers use a three number rating system. The first number represents Nitrogen, the second is Phosphorous, the third is Potassium (or Potash). These numbers are percentages of the total ingredients in the bag. The chemical notations of these elements are N-P-K.


  • essential for growth of foliage.
  • produces lush, tender, green leaves (or grass blades).
  • deficiency results in a yellow-green color (chlorosis) and little or no growth is easily flushed through the soil.


  • stimulates root growth.
  • hastens the maturity of plants.
  • promotes development of flowers, fruits, seeds.
  • deficiency can result in slow or stunted growth and purplish discoloration on leaves remains in the soil quite well.


  • gives vigor to tolerate changing weather conditions.
  • helps resist disease.
  • assists in the food manufacturing process.
  • strengthens cell wall structure for strong stems.
  • deficiency can cause week stems and slow growth; leaches from the soil, not so fast as nitrogen.

For grass, you will typically choose your fertilizer based upon the time of year. As you progress from spring to fall, you will begin with a higher nitrogen fertilizer and move toward a lower nitrogen, and higher phosphorous and potassium, as you move toward the fall. Ideally you are fertilizing in the spring, summer and fall. Of equal importance though is the Sulphur content in the fertilizer, as fertilizers higher in Sulphur result in a slower disbursement of the nitrogen, resulting in less chance of burning your grass, and vice versa for fertilizers with lower Sulphur. Liberal watering is always recommended for all fertilizers higher in nitrogen and particularly in those also low in Sulphur.

For gardens, you will always choose a fertilizer lower in nitrogen and higher in potassium and phosphorous.

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