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Pet Supplies and Bulk Pet Food

Domestic Pets

Town & Country offers a wide range of bulk pet foods. Dogs, cats, bunnies, and birds are just a few of the domestic pets we carry products and pet food for. We also have a selection of pet accessories such as leashes, collars, cages and more. Drop in to our barn for a look around, we're sure we can save you money on your monthly pet store supplies. Our pet supply store serves the entire valley including Invermere, Radium, Fairmont and Windermere.

Domestic Animal Supplies

We have everything you require for caring for your animals covered, everything that you would find in a pet store. Here are some examples:

  • Dog and cat food - see below.
  • Dog and cat collars.
  • Dog and cat leashes.
  • Dog and cat toys.
  • Pet beds.
  • A variety of food dishes and food towers.
  • Cat trees.
  • Kennel cages.
  • Pet care products, including shampoo, odour-control products, and joint care products.
  • Bird feeders.
  • Bird feed.
For anything that you require that we don’t have we will be able to order and get it in for you, or we will at least point you in the right direction.

We can also special order any supplies you may require that we don't carry in-stock. Call or email us for more details.

Precise Naturals® for dogs

Precise was founded on the idea that all natural with added vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are healthier for our pets—now we have fresh, new packaging and a name that reflects that. We have made a few improvements to enhance these great formulas so you can be assured that you are giving your pet a superior food with all of the nutrients and supplements needed to keep him exceptionally healthy. Without the use of corn, wheat, dairy, soy, or sorghum. And Precise never uses animal by-products. Precise is made in the USA, by a fourth-generation family owned company that has a reputation for quality. Every kibble we make is wholesome and nutritious with safety as our number one concern. A vibrant, healthy pet makes you happy, and that makes us happy.

Precise Holistic Complete® for dogs

Precise Holistic Complete is perhaps the healthiest dog food we’ve ever made. Everything in it is designed to promote health, happiness and harmony for a lifetime. Thoughtfully chosen ingredients like real meat proteins, wholesome carbohydrates, and balanced fatty acids and so much more.  It goes down easy, too. In a recent palatability taste test, Precise Holistic Complete was preferred by dogs over similar formulations two to one. In addition, key ingredients such as DHA Gold for optimal omega-3 concentrations and a probiotic are setting new standards in pet nutrition.

'Precise Naturals' for cats

You have a very special relationship with your cat. Some people may find that unusual, but we understand because we make unusually special cat food. We’re Precise Naturals® and we make cat food for people like you. You see, at Precise we’re more than just dedicated to quality. We’re obsessed with it. That’s why Precise isn’t just another premium cat food. We believe it’s as good as you can get. Compare our formulas to what you are feeding your cat now, and you’ll discover that Precise offers a product line that’s superior to other cat foods. So, if you want the best for your cat, feed Precise.

Precise Naturals® Grain Free for cats

Precise Naturals® Grain Free is the same great cat food you have come to trust, but without the grains. It contains all the wholesome ingredients your cat needs, plus low-glycemic spring yellow peas in place of the grains.

SPORTMiX® - for dogs and cats

SPORTMiX® Pet Foods are sold throughout the United States and in more than 65 countries worldwide and growing. SPORTMiX® Pet Foods are formulated for great taste, optimum digestibility and 100% complete and balanced nutrition. A special balance of protein, fats, vitamins and minerals supplies the essential nutrients needed to promote strong muscles and bones and healthy skin and coat. Dogs and cats have different nutritional needs throughout their lives. That’s why we’ve developed a formula for every life stage. There is a SPORTMiX® formula that is just right for your pet. That’s why so many pets around the world are thriving on SPORTMiX® Pet Foods.

FirstMate® - for cats

FirstMate is proud to own and operate its own manufacturing facility located in Chilliwack, British Columbia. Operating its own facility gives FirstMate complete product and quality control. The manufacturing facility is regularly inspected and approved by the appropriate government bodies for Canada, the United States and the European Union. FirstMate uses regionally sourced ingredients to formulate its diets with the exception of our lamb which comes from Australia.

Darford® dog treats - from BC

Since 1987, Darford has been all about creating premium dog treats - always with the best natural ingredients. Our treats are oven baked, they're tasty, healthy and they come in a variety of shapes and flavors. We carefully source our ingredients and we follow rigorous quality control guidelines to ensure every treat meets our standards. Take a look and you'll see that Darford treats never contain any corn, soy or meat by-products. They also don't contain any artificial colors or flavors and never any ingredients from Asia. They are natural, wholesome treats, always oven baked and always made in our very own facility in British Columbia, Canada. Darford's commitment to quality has never wavered. We take great pride in making premium treats, and providing a level of trust you and your dog deserve.

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